Kundinger Bros ONLINE Milking Herd & Bred Heifer Dispersal    Thursday August 20, 2020 12-1 PM ET Bid Online or On The Phone 185 Holsteins Sell, 130 Cows Avg 81#, 30 Dry Cows, 25 Bred Heifers 4-8 Months Preg. Watch or call for updated information on this good uddered herd. 

A Mid Summers Night Holstein & Jersey Exchange   Wednesday NIGHT August 5th 7-8 PM ET Bid Online or On The Phone. Check the auction page for the catalog, videos, & bidding. 

WANTED: Jersey and Holstein Fresh Heifers, Give us a call if you have some to sell, 517-294-3484

Marshall Brothers PRIVATE TREATY Herd Dispersal  360 AI Sired Holsteins Cows If you are looking for a good herd check the marketplace for full listing information and a herd video or give any of the team a call.

CALFtrade Online Exchange                                         The Next Sale Date is Tuesday August 25, 2020  12-1PM EST Bid Online or On The Phone Click the CALFtrade tab for more details or the auction page for more information. 

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