We have LELY and deLAVAL Robots listed on the Marketplace, If you are looking give us a call. 

Stakenas Farms Open Heifer Dispersal                       Wednesday February 12, 2020 12-1PM EST Bid Online or On The Phone 350 Holstein Heifers Sell, All the 3 Month to Serviced Heifers, NONE ARE BEING HELD BACK. Check the auction page for videos, information, and BIDDING.

Great Lakes Dairy Exchange                                        The High selling group was Lot 8 from Sand Creek at $1875. Two lots tied for high selling Jerseys, Lot 11 Crossroads & 12 Meadow Rock each brought $1775. The High individual lot was 101#Polledplace from April Day Holsteins at $5025. Bidding and interest from all over the U.S. and cattle sold throughout. Thank you to everyone that participated and helped with this sale.  

CALFtrade Online Exchange                                     Announcing the Online Heifer Calf & Open Heifer Exchange. Click the KCALF tab for more details on this new program or call for more information. 

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