Deer Camp Heifer Exchange                                         Thursday Novemember 14, 2019  12PM to 1PM EST  Bid Online or On The Phone, 300+ Holstein & Jersey Heifers Sell in Groups, Featuring the Fleming Heifer Dispersal & 50 Organic Grass Fed Certified Jersey Open Heifers, plus more. Check the auction page for more information.

Fall Fresh Heifer Selection Exchange                   Friday November 8, 2019 Lot 2 from Sugar Lane Dairy was the high selling lot at $1750, the other loads all brought $1725. Thank you to everyone that was involved with this sale.

Phillips Farms Milking Herd & Springer Dispersal Auction  Thursday November 7, 2019 Fresh Cows & Heifers $1700-$750 Preg Cows 7 Heifers $1600-$750 Other Cows & Heifers $1400-$500 Dry Cows $1300-$800 Bred Heifers $1400-$775 Thank you to the Phillips Family for having us handled there sale for them. Thank you to all the buyers, bidders, and everyone that helped with the sale.

Milktoberfest Exchange                                         Wednesday October 30, 2019 7-8 PM Lot 4 was the top selling Group 12 fresh heifers from Pine Tree Dairy at $1900/ head. Thank you to all the Buyers, Bidders, & Viewers for your participation in the exchange. 

Double Eagle Online Calf Exchange                            The groups of calves sold for $95-$310 per head to buyers in Michigan, Indiana, & Kentucky. Thank you to all the buyers, bidders, & crew at Double Eagle.     

Thank you for your business