Cyber Monday ONLINE Exchange                                Monday November 30, 2020 12-1 PM ET Bid online or On The Phone  Fresh Heifers & Cows, Bred & Open Heifers. Selections are underway, Call today if you a group to sell!

Quist Dairy ONLINE Milking Herd & Bred Heifer Dispersal   Wednesday 12-9-2020 10-11 AM ET  330 Holsteins Sell 200 Milking with fantastic udders Avg 80# 4%F. 100 Bred Heifers (1-8+ Months Preg) Watch the auction page for updates

Tracy & Theresa Sohn ONLINE Milking Herd Dispersal    Wednesday 1-6-2021 12-1 PM ET  Genetics have always been a focus and you can see it in these 90 Productive Cows that are averaging 85#. Watch the auction page for updates

Bruce Martin ONLINE Procross Celebration               Tuesday 12-15-2020 12-1 PM ET  45 PROCROSS Cows Sell, Mostly 1st Lact and Milking up to 114#. Group SCC Avg 72K, They sell individually and we will have some group lots of Holstein Fresh Heifers on this sale also. Call or check back for details. 

Sugar Lane 20/20 ONLINE Exchange  80 fresh heifers sold online in 4 lots from for an Average of $2151 to buyers in Michigan & New York on Tuesday 11-17-2020 Thank you to all the Buyers, Bidders, Truckers, & The team at Sugar Lane for selling these productive reputation fresh heifers. 

Dirksen Jerseys ONLINE Complete Herd Dispersal was held Tuesday November 10, 2020, Top seller at $3150 was Lot 1-748 Fresh 7-19 Mkg 92# 4.9%F 4.4%P SCC-81K She is headed to New York. Cattle sold to Iowa, New York, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, & throughout Ohio. Thank you to everyone that bought, bid, and helped with this sale. 

Sand Creek ONLINE Holstein & Jersey Open Heifer/Calf Auction was held 11-13-20, Top Seller Lot 1 at $715 was a group of 13 Head of December 2019 Holsteins that Avg 361 gNM$ and Dams averaged over 35K Actual 305. They are head to there new home in Tennessee. Thank you to all the Buyers, Bidders, and everyone that helped with this sale. 

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