Farren Dakin Dairy Complete ONLINE Heifer Dispersal (Myakka City, FL) Tuesday May 11, 2021 12-1PM ET 1400 Holstein Heifers-The All Sell Bred Heifers to Calves! AI Sires, Vaccinated, 100% Homegrown. They will sell online in LOAD LOTS. Check back or call for more information on the RIGHT KIND IN VOLUME!!

Zielland Complete ONLINE Herd Dispersal (Port Austin, MI) Saturday April 17, 2021 12-1PM ET 200 AI Sired/Reg Holsteins Sell. 100 Cows Avg 81# 4.1% Fat 3 Month SCC Avg of 89K, Over 30 Red & Whites Sell! 100 Beautiful heifers and calves. A herd based cow families that have very rarely been offered. The catalog & sale are on the auction page. Give any member of the sale team a call with questions.

Cole's Pick'EM ONLINE Exchange (Bancroft, MI) was held Wednesday 4-14-21. The 1st Lact groups sold for $1775. The 2nd Lact groups sold for $1775 and $1675. Thank you to the Coles for having us sell these groups and to the buyers and bidders.

Shupe Dairy ONLINE Dispersal Series #1 (Bad Axe, MI) Wednesday 4-21-21 12-1 PM ET 150 Cows / Heifers Sell - ALL FRESH IN MARCH. Call or check the auction page for more information on these FRESH & READY Cows!!

Stone Road ONLINE Fresh Heifer Exchange III (Snover, MI) Wednesday 4-21-21 Following the Shupe Dispersal #1 50 Fresh Holstein Heifers Sell Call or check the auction page for more information.

Thank you for your business